Buy a laptop. Grow your computer skills.

Buy a laptop from STANOZ Computers (Nig.) Ltd. The Computer People.

Hello, Kids! This thing balanced on my right hand is called a laptop computer. Computers come in many "shapes" ( or "form factors"). This is the laptop form factor. We use this computer to do many things -- like design super-cars, make 3d animated movies, create great PC fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter and Tekken, create great financial software like GNU Cash, and a whole lot of other beautiful and very useful things!

It's time for some personal development.

Everybody must have a laptop. Call Stanley on 08036677521 (Owerri); so a deep discussion can be had if you can afford one and don't already have one. Maybe :) I'll be the one to convince you to buy one. Or maybe you'll let me sell you one.

It's time to acquire some new computer skills. It's wrong for you to be able to afford a laptop and be too stingy/economical to buy yourself one -- or to buy laptops for your loved ones. Get a good sturdy system with a modern configuration; solve that your computer iliteracy or semi-iliteracy problem once and for all. Learn design, software development, sewing (from YouTube videos playing on VLC), whatever. The only excuse you have to be trying to create content on a smartphone is poverty! If you say poverty, I'll forgive you. But if you want to argue that its the same thing ( that you can create content on a smartphone just the same way that you can create content on a laptop computer), then you and me will argue all day o! Computer Nerd: 08036677521 (Owerri). The Facebook Experience on a laptop is different from that on a smartphone.
Change your lot; use Facebook on a big screen. Everybody needs a laptop. A mobile phone screen is too small for the full Facebook Experience -- let's say the truth.

Content Creation; Unity3d, Blender3d, CorelDRAW, GIMP. Learn stuff. Download PDFs from and read on a wide and interesting laptop screen :). Learn touch typing with class. YOU CAN'T LEARN TOUCH-TYPING ON A SMARTPHONE. Use your smartphone for content consumption. Use to download your YouTube videos on your laptop. When you've downloaded everything in your GOOGLE LIST, then copy those mp4 files to your smartphone using USB cable or wireless networking. Remember to always backup your videos, website, and other important digital files to GOOGLE DRIVE and external hard drives. And always remember to keep those external hard drives safe and happy o.
Enter into another world; the computer world. Access the beautiful computery universe from wherever you are on the blue planet -- whether you're in a little corner in Amakohia, or you're in a nice flat in a 2-storey building in Ikenegbu Extension. Which payment method with you employ for your business? Will you integrate a payment gateway ( like GTPay or CyberSource or 2CheckOut or PayPal ) into your Drupal-powered website? Or will you do it the "manual way" through normal Nigerian bank transfer using *737# ?
Will you use DrupalCommerce? Or will you use WooCommerce? Or Magento? Or Shopify? ( Can you even AFFORD Shopify? LOL! )

Load Bitnami Drupal onto your laptop ( it's a free download; look for it on the interwebs, Human ) and learn how to use Drupal. The earlier you learn to make a website, the better for you. It's already 2022, Homie. Here's a list of application software that I recommend you have on your laptop; Microsoft Windows 8.1, Ubuntu Linux [endeavour to dual-boot these two operating systems using GRUB -- otherwise you're a :( wuss! ], Digger, CorelDRAW (or Inkscape), Media-to-media Converter, GIMP ( or Adobe Photoshop ), Audacity, Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS), SuperTuxKart, Mortal Kombat 11 ( I have you have a powerful DISCRETE graphics subsystem o!), Street Fighter 5, VLC, OpenShot, Blender3d, Unity3d, Mozilla Firefox (or Microsoft Edge if you're a CHROMIUM LOVER :) ), Bitnami Drupal ( or just pay for simple webhosting, damnit!), Microsoft Visual Studio, etc.

CorelDRAW gives you the ability to easily create a book or magazine. You start digital, of course; little by little over time.


You've got LEGAL mad-crazy-insane ideas too :)? Well, what are you waiting for? Write them down? Can they be monetized? Well, what are you waiting for?! Call TheComputerNerd at once! :) My phone number's in the footer...