Earn a living as a Drupal Website Creator

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Change your life: Earn a living as a Drupal Website Creator/Merchant.

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The Drupal Content Management System in free and open source software that can be downloaded from Drupal.org. You can use it to create a secure professional stable scalable and multi-lingual website for your business. Drupal in award-winning free software created in 1991 by a man called Dries Buytaert while he was in the University of ...er...
With Drupal, you can create your website and add the needed functionality and aesthetics for free without writing any computer code. Anybody can be a web developer.
Work from home 85% of the time, Web Developer! Drupal was created to make your life easier. Create those lovely looking and powerful scalable websites for your esteemed clients, Web Developer. Enjoy the power of world-class open source software And when you're really; move up to adding Drupal Commerce -- and turn your content-rich faithful website into a powerful ecommerc website/online shop! Connect your website to your courier service on one side, and your bank ( or other payment gateway ) on the other side; and start making money selling your physical goods ( and digital goods) from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in Nigeria. Your customers visit your DrupalCommerce website and see al the wonderful goods that you have for sale, choose what they want, and checkout/pay using their normal Nigeria bank ATM debit cards. Your courier service (provider) comes to your home or office a couple of hours later to pick up the godds that the customer(s) have ordered, and your local bank ( example; GTBank or Access Bank) handles the transfer of money from the buying customer to the courier service company's account. In a couple of house or days, the buying customer receives the goods that he/she "bought"/ordered from your DrupalCommerce online shop and everybody goes home happy; you the merchant, the courier service, and the buying customer!

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