Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain (Sample)
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Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee of JBM is from the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Its combination of climate and soil is considered ideal for coffee growing... This luxurious coffee is the quintessential classic coffee; rich flavour, fragrant aroma, and full body. Blue Mountain coffee truly is considered the Rolls Royce of all coffees and its unique smooth sweetness is recognised by coffee connoisseurs across the world. The coffee is currently not certified under any form of "Fair Trade" label. However, in the case of the independent farmers and smallholders, where the workforce is almost entirely family and neighbour based, the processors operate a pricing regime combined with a pre-funding and balancing payment mechanism which categorically favours the smallholder farmer. Roasted fresh, our 100% grade 1 quality Blue Mountain coffee is simply a wonderful treat or perfect as a gift for any coffee lover.




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Jamaican Blue Mountain - Sample Pack

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50 g